Elite Outlaw N/A 2.8L

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DRAG CARTEL ELITE Series LONGBLOCK is designed for the ultimate drag-racer in mind looking to spare no expenses when it comes to quality. The ELITE Pro 2.8L Ultimate 500HP Stroker N/A engine is sleeved for your ultimate racer in mind looking for strength and reliability in his race program. These engines utilize a Sonny Bryant USA MADE 106-108mm 4340 billet crankshaft, Saenz Custom 300M Rods equipped with ARP625 bolts and JE Custom FSR Forged Pistons.  The top end features our certified award winning 440 CFM CNC cylinder head equipped with a Single Pro Stock inspired spring and Drag Cartel Killer Twin Lobe Camshafts. Each Motor is blue printed and measured for proper tolerances and clearances utilizing King & or ACL Bearings . Each motor will include a full spec sheet for your reference including full camshaft degree and lobe separation data. 
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