Wiseco Honda Turbo Flat Top Pistons for Integra LS/GSR B16A B18C B18A/B 81.5mm K542M815

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K542M815 for a Acura and Honda.

Wiseco Pistons have been in this industry manufacturing the highest of quality forged pistons for over 80 years. At Hybrid Hypersport, we do not bat an eye when it comes to using these in our own personal and race applications. With their 2618 alloy, you can ensure running all the boost or N/A power through these pistons. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and we are always happy to help assist with your build!

BORE SIZE: 81.5mm (+.5mm oversized )

COMPRESSION RATIO: ( based on a .040" headgasket, OEM Honda gasket is .030" so it will raise compression slightly )

Kit Includes:

Full Set of Forged Pistons

-Full Set of Rings required

-Full Set of Piston Pins ( upgraded wrist pins available upon request )

-Full Set of Piston C Clips


  • B16A (Must use at least .040'' thick gasket) - 81.5mm Bore | 8.8 - 9.0 Comp. Ratio
  • B17A1 - 81.5mm Bore | 9.1 - 9.4 Comp. Ratio
  • B18A1/B1 - 81.5mm Bore | 9.3 - 9.8 Comp. Ratio
  • B18A1/B1 with B16A VTEC Head - 81.5mm Bore | 9.8 - 10.2 Comp. Ratio
  • B18C - 81.5mm Bore | 9.7 - 10.2 Comp. Ratio.

Part Number: K542M815


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