aFe Control Sway Bar Set 2017-2021 Honda Civic Type R 440-701001-N

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aFe Control Sway Bars for the Honda Civic Type-R L4-2.0L (t) provide the perfect balance front to rear to offer increased roll stiffness without upsetting the vehicles balance or traction control. Designed specifically for the Civic Type-R, the lightweight tubular sway bars will transform your Type-R’s handling and inspire driving confidence. Cornering will be flatter and neutral in any corner.

Perfectly balanced, the 1.25" nonadjustable front and 1.00" 2-way adjustable tubular rear bars are constructed from lightweight tubular steel and include polyurethane bushings and greaseable, billet brackets for the rear.  For years of durability and great looks, the bars are powder-coated a special 2 Stage tangerine orange. Perfectly balanced, aFe Control sway bars will have your Civic Type-R handling just as good at the track as it will around town.


2017-2021 Honda Civic type R
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