Hybrid Racing 130R Delrin Shift Knob [Multiple Fitments - Varied Part Numbers]

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SKU: HYB-NOB-01-08

Color: Black
Attachment Type: M10 X 1.50mm
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Hybrid Racing started as a grass roots company seeking to offer its customers more than what the market in the early 2000’s had at that time. Through the years they have been the company to offer the car scene many “firsts” through strategic innovation and listening to customer needs. Today, they offer customers an array of premium car parts made with high-grade materials. Hybrid HyperSport is proud to offer our customers the best of the best as a dealer of all Hybrid Racing has to offer!


About the Product:

One-piece machined Delrin M10x1.50 (Honda & Acura) Durable screen-printed logo 103g weight 90mm tall | 46mm wide Available in Black & White Track tested 


What's Inside Reviews Grabbing the gear lever in your car is a great feeling, except when your knob isn't comfortable. We developed the MAXIM aluminum knob that is not only lightweight and great looking but also fits into the palm of your hand comfortably. Building on the success and ergonomic shape of the MAXIM knob, the 130R knob adds a bit more character. The 130R knob is machined from a solid piece of Delrin which is not only extremely strong but heat resistant, so you won’t torch or freeze your hand as temperatures change. Directly threaded, this knob fits all Honda threaded shifters. “130R” is represented in a few meaningful ways. Named after the famous 130R corner at Suzuka Circuit in Japan (one of our favorite circuits in the world) the curvature is also radiused at 130* giving a physical meaning as well.


The 130R knob is wider, taller, and slightly larger overall compared to the MAXIM knob. We increased the height by 15mm and diameter by 5mm to aid in strength and to offer a larger surface to grab while shifting!



  • M10 X 1.50mm - Fits Most Honda & Acura
  • M10 X 1.25mm - Fits Most Nissan, Hyundai, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Kia & Ferrari
  • M12 X 1.25mm - Fits Most Subaru, Toyota & Lexus.


Part Number: VARIES

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