Hybrid Racing K-Series Honda ECU Immobilizer Bypass [HYB-IMR-01-05]

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Hybrid Racing started as a grass roots company seeking to offer its customers more than what the market in the early 2000’s had at that time. Through the years they have been the company to offer the car scene many “firsts” through strategic innovation and listening to customer needs. Today, they offer customers an array of premium car parts made with high-grade materials. Hybrid HyperSport is proud to offer our customers the best of the best as a dealer of all Hybrid Racing has to offer!



  • Bypass the immobilizer and the multiplex when doing a K-Swap
  • Works with the following ECU's PLM, PLR, PND, PNF, PRA, PRB, and PPA.
  • Use a stock ECU with your K-Swap! No costly K-Pro.



In the past when doing a K-Swap you either had to purchase a Type R ECU or a Hondata Kpro. Now with the release of the new Immobilizer Removal Unit, you can use your bone STOCK 02-04 ECU. Simply connect the 4 wires as outlined in the install guide and you are ready to rock. In addition to bypassing the Immobilizer, it also disables the multiplex code P0600 so that you can run an error free ecu.

The unit works with the following ECU's so make sure to double check the code on the side of your ECU before purchasing:

  • PLM, PLR, PND, PNF, PRA, PRB, and PPA.


Works with the following ECU's PLM, PLR, PND, PNF, PRA, PRB, and PPA.


Part Number: HYB-IMR-01-05

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