Hybrid Racing - Adjustable Short Shifter Assembly (2016-2021 Civic) [HYB-SAS-01-36 OR HYB-SAS-01-37]

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Hybrid Racing started as a grass roots company seeking to offer its customers more than what the market in the early 2000’s had at that time. Through the years they have been the company to offer the car scene many “firsts” through strategic innovation and listening to customer needs. Today, they offer customers an array of premium car parts made with high-grade materials. Hybrid HyperSport is proud to offer our customers the best of the best as a dealer of all Hybrid Racing has to offer!



About the Product:

Smooth, precise and direct shifts! Compact 4-Link Wishbone Anodized Billet Aluminum & One-Piece Steel Frame Height Adjustable Shift Knob Customizable Spring Stiffness Internal Spring & One-Piece Cup Design ZERO Console Modification Necessary Race tested for durability & reliability 10-50% Adjustable throw Includes 140mm stainless steel shift rod.


Praised for being one of the best stock shifters in the automotive industry, improving on Honda’s design can sometimes be a challenging task. When we set out to design our short shifter, we focused on all of the areas where the factory unit disappoints. With over 15,000 street and track miles and a year of testing completed in our own Civic Type-R, we put together the strongest, best feeling shifter available! 


KEEP IT SIMPLE Reliability comes through years of experience in design and manufacturing. Any experienced racer knows that fewer parts mean less chance of failures or issues. Our one-piece robotically welded steel frame is not only strong, but you’ll never have to worry about bolts coming loose! 

STAY ON POINT Not only have we engineered a shifter that is easy to assemble, adjust and use, it culminates years of design and testing. Our new 4-link wishbone rocker design allows extremely short and precise movements while keeping the shifter cables at their optimum angle. Others on the market offer cable reinforcement brackets and “tie-downs” but that’s a solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist. Torsion springs can offer inconsistent resistance which is why we chose to place a single internal spring that can stay constant during every gear change and for super-smooth centering action. 

UNMATCHED QUALITY The Hybrid Racing 10th Gen Civic shifter goes through our most stringent design and quality tests. The laser-cut and robotically welded steel frame is made to withstand years of abuse without fatigue. Our proprietary three-step finishing process that has become a market standard ensures all of our billet aluminum parts are in perfect form. Backed by our Racer’s Guarantee 2-Year Warranty there is no excuse to choose anything else!


  • Civic Sport MT (FC2/FC4/FK7) – (10%-50%) Reduction
  • Civic Si (FC1/FC3 Si) – (10%-30%) Reduction
  • Civic Type-R (FK8) – (+10%-20%) Reduction  
  • Fitment Civic Coupe/Sedan MT (FC2/FC4) – (10%-50%) Reduction
  • Civic Sport MT (FC2/FC4/FK7) – (10%-50%) Reduction
  • Civic Si (FC1/FC3 Si) – (10%-30%) Reduction
  • Civic Type-R (FK8) – (+10%-20%) Reduction *Fits LHD & RHD* 


Part Number: HYB-SAS-01-36 OR HYB-SAS-01-37

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