K-Tuned High Pressure Radiator Cap - BLACK

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At Hybrid HyperSport we pride ourselves on bringing you some of the best products on the market from our superior vendors. By offering K-Tuned, we are doing just that! Check out these high-pressure radiator caps.


Type A fits the following:
  • Most aftermarket radiators including K-Tuned Passenger Radiator
  • 88-91 Civic / CRX
  • 90-93 Integra


Type B fits the following:
  • K-Tuned Upper Coolant Housing Filler Necks
  • 94-01 Integra 
  • 02-06 RSX 
  • 04-08 TSX 
  • 90-97 Accord 
  • 92-18 Civic 
  • 93-97 del Sol
  • 03-08 Honda Element 
  • 07-08 Honda Fit


Please Note:
* Type B does NOT fit our K-Tuned Passenger Side Rad
* Type A Rad Cap is Silver 
* Type B Rad Cap is Black

K-Tuned High Pressure Rad Caps were designed specifically to end the confusion over which cap is used with our upper coolant neck filler option. Also keep in mind that these rad caps can also be used on the actual rad neck on several applications. Our high-pressure caps increase the system pressure before opening from 1.1 to 1.3 kg/cm. This effectively raises the boiling point of the coolant which in turn improves overall cooling performance. The polished silver cap is finished off with a high-quality K-Tuned badge with the pressure specs clearly marked.

Part Number: KTD-RC2-13A OR KTD-RC2-13B
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