K-Tuned Swivel Neck Thermostat for 1.25" Hose End OR 16AN

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Fitting: Hose End 1.25 INCH
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At Hybrid HyperSport we pride ourselves on bringing you some of the best products on the market from our superior vendors. By offering K-Tuned, we are doing just that! Check out this swivel neck thermostat.



  • Thermostat Housing 


K-Tuned Swivel Neck Thermostat 

We have revamped the design of our popular Swivel Neck Thermostat Housing to use an OEM style thermostat to maintain the factory cooling recirculation port. This will close off the recirculation port when the thermostat opens. Swapping out to different temp thermostats would use a 2002 RSX Type S thermostat.


This design replaced half of the original thermostat housing and requires you to keep half of the plastic housing. It uses a threaded -16 port that allows you to easily convert between 16AN and silicone radiator hoses. This swivel neck allows 360 rotation to position your radiator hose perfectly. Includes -8 port with supplied plug.


Part Number (1.25" Hose): KST-UNV-410

Part Number (16AN): KST-UNV-420

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