Rywire Honda B-Series Hydro Clutch Line [CLUTCH-LINE-B-D]

Rywire Honda B-Series Hydro Clutch Line [CLUTCH-LINE-B-D]

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Slave Cylinder Fitting: M10
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Rywire Motorsport Electronics is known for the production of some of the highest quality engine harnesses on the market today. These harnesses use premium grade wiring which may even include military specifications for some applications. With this, Hybrid HyperSport is proud to offer Rywire’s amazing product line to our customers! Check out this listing:



Honda B-Series Hydro Clutch Line



This new Clutch line kit by Rywire will work great with s2k or factory clutch master cylinders. It fits all D-series and B-series engines. For use in your Civics, Integras, and Del Sol's. (Rywire offers F-series and H-series clutch lines as well)

Simple install comes with everything necessary!
- Low profile 45deg. banjo on the clutch master side
- Straight clutch fitting on the slave side
- 55 inches are about average for B-series
- Includes Banjo bolt and washers
- Replaces the whole factory line from master to slave cylinder
- Steel braided line with black Teflon coating

Attention Canadian model 96+ Civic owners:
Some of the Canadian model 96+ Civics have M12 clutch master cylinders, If yours is the M12 type. This is the clutch cable you'll need: Accord & Prelude Hydraulic clutch line
To check if your Clutch master is M10 or M12, use a 12mm socket on the bolt - if it fits, that's the M12 type.


Part Number: CLUTCH-LINE-B-D

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