Skunk2 2012+ Civic / '06-09 'S2000 - 4 Bar MAP Sensor [352-05-1520]

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Skunk2 Racing is known for their well-engineered suspension and related products. At Hybrid HyperSport, we are honored to offer our customers suspensions and other parts from this superior car performance part vendor. Take a look at this listing:


A 1 BAR MAP sensor reports barometric pressure times one, which is approximately 14.7 psi or 30in/Hg (inches of mercury). 2 BAR or 3 BAR simply mean two or three times above barometric pressure. The sensor will measure each direction, vacuum or pressure.

Part Number: 352-05-1520



Year Make Model Sub-Model
2012-2015 Honda Civic Si
2006-2009 Honda S2000 Base
2008-2009 Honda S2000 CR
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