SpeedFactory Racing -16an Thermostat Housing for Honda/Acura Engines [SF-06-071], [SF-06-072], [SF-06-073], [SF-06-074]

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SKU: SF-06-071

Engine: B Series Engine
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Hybrid HyperSport is proud to offer you the best of the best. With SpeedFactory's record of being the fastest, we can assure you these awesome products are what they use on their own cars!


The SpeedFactory Racing -16AN Thermostat Housing is designed to replace your factory thermostat housing and allows you to easily adapt -16AN hoses and fittings to your engine's cooling system. All SpeedFactory thermostat housings have provisions for the OEM cooling fan switch and engine harness ground wire.


Complete your -16AN cooling system conversion by pairing this housing with a SpeedFactory Racing Upper Coolant Fill Neck, found in the cooling system section of our online store.


Part Number(s): SF-06-071 OR SF-06-072 OR SF-06-074

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