SpeedFactory Racing Honda B-Series AWD Input Shaft Speed Sensor Mounting Tab

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With M DHALL 437 V2 Sensor: No
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*This is the weld-on steel tab only, does not come with the OEM reverse selector! Photos show it installed for reference.

This laser cut steel tab simplifies the task of installing an Input Shaft Speed Sensor in your ’98-’01 Honda CR-V SBXM transmission so that you can compare engine RPM to input shaft RPM to monitor clutch slip. We use this tab with a M DHALL 437 V2 sensor, sold separately.


  1. Tack weld one of the nuts that comes with the sensor to the tab on the side closest to the input shaft.
  2. Mark and then weld the mounting tab to your reverse selector in a position that clears the full range of motion of the arm and allows you to place the hall sensor so that it reads off the 1st gear teeth.
  3. Thread the other nut that comes with the hall sensor on, then thread in the sensor and adjust angle and sensor air gap as needed. Tighten the locknut.
  4. Notch the transmission housing to allow the sensor wiring to pass through and seal with Hondabond when closing the transmission.

See photos for reference.

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