SpeedFactory Silicone Straight Couplers

SpeedFactory Silicone Straight Couplers

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SpeedFactory is proud to offer our own line of silicone couplers. Our 4 ply Polyester reinforced silicone couplers have been made to survive serious boost applications. Manufactured to the SAE J20 specification and utilizing 4 plies of polyester, we can achieve a continuous temperature range up to +376°F for direct turbo installations and have burst pressures up to over 200PSI. All of our hose products are made with a super slick outer cover with our logo printed on each coupler. All SpeedFactory couplers are produced in black color with white logo and have a slick outer coating to promote easy cleaning and sharp look. 


*Wall Thickness: 4-Ply Polyester Reinforced 

*Temperature Rating: -76°F to +376°F 

*Material: Silicone 

*Hose Length: 3" 

*Type: Straight Coupler
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