Hybrid Racing K-Series Swap Coolant Temp Sensor Adapter

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Easily adapt your coolant temp sensor for your K-Swap Easy installation and perfect fit. Outer Thread 3/8 BSPT Fits K20 & K24 intake manifolds Description Vehicle Fitment What's Inside Install Guide --> This useful fitting allows you to insert a factory B/D coolant temp sensor into the upper section of the K-Series coolant system. This is required since the older generation gauge clusters can't understand the information being send from the K-Series ECU. Thread the adapter in, screw the coolant sensor in and you'll have a working temp gauge! This adapter replaces the OEM idle air assist valve (not used on K-Swaps) leaving you with the perfect spot to thread your sensor into. If you don't want to run a hose insert, this is the piece for you. You're probably thinking, but wait can't I just get any old fitting? NOPE, this port uses a weird thread size so we did all the leg work, designed a new fitting and present it to you here in all of its glory. Fits: All K-Series intake manifolds using the Idle air assist valve. Tab 3 content View Install Guide HERE
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