Hybrid Racing Unibody Fuel Pressure Regulator (K-Swap & Universal)

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Piston-type design provides pressure damping Teflon coated, hard anodized, 6061 aluminum construction Stainless steel cap and hardware -8 Inlet/Outlet Ports and -6 Return Port 1/8 NPT gauge port Includes all fittings needed to attach to -6AN fuel lines Includes mounting hardware Adjustable from 30PSI - 100PSI Description Vehicle Fitment What's Inside Install Guide --> The fuel pressure regulator is often overlooked but a very critical component in a vehicle’s fuel system. Without a reliable and consistent fuel pressure, your ECU cannot know how much fuel it injects into each cylinder. Most conventional fuel pressure regulators use a bladder-type design. Although the bladder-type design is cost-effective and reacts to disturbances quickly, those bladders often lead to significant pressure fluctuations, which are manifested as a bouncing needle on your pressure gauge. The Hybrid Racing fuel pressure regulator features a piston-type design that introduces damping into the regulator to reduce pressure fluctuations and needle bounce, giving you a more stable and reliable fuel pressure. Constructed from aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum and 304 stainless steel, each regulator receives a durable Teflon impregnated, hard anodized finish and redundant seal quad o-rings for improved performance and longevity. The end product is a regulator that keeps your fuel pressure consistent and looks good doing it. Each regulator is supplied with all the fittings you’ll need to hook up a return system with -6 AN lines. The regulator can accept up to -8AN lines. (Package includes: x3 -8ORB/-6AN fittings,x1 -6ORB/-4AN, x1 1/8th NPT plug, Nylon vacuum port, anodized billet mounting bracket & hardware) E85 compatible Fits: Universal - fits and works with just about any fuel system. DOES NOT WORK WITH OEM RETURNLESS FUEL SYSTEMS. To use this regulator, you must convert your fuel system to utilize a return line to the rail. (RSX/EP3/FA5/FB6, etc) Tab 3 content View Install Guide HERE
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