Hybrid Racing V2 Slim Oil Cap (Honda & Acura)

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Hybrid Racing started as a grass roots company seeking to offer its customers more than what the market in the early 2000’s had at that time. Through the years they have been the company to offer the car scene many “firsts” through strategic innovation and listening to customer needs. Today, they offer customers an array of premium car parts made with high-grade materials. Hybrid HyperSport is proud to offer our customers the best of the best as a dealer of all Hybrid Racing has to offer!


Slim design for Increased valve cover to hood clearance. Designed to be easier to install and remove. Yes, these caps fit all D, B, H, F, J & K covers!!!!! (All Honda and Acura chassis)



At Hybrid Racing, we believe the recipe for a perfect part is the result of an elegant balance of form and function. When we set out to design this oil cap, we took inspiration from fuel doors used by the aerospace industry and started sketching. What we ended up with was a beautifully crafted oil cap that's both clean in appearance, providing improved valve cover to hood clearance, and super easy to remove. Install this oil cap and know that you've purchased another Hybrid Racing product that is unmatched in quality and design. Fits all Honda and Acura's! V2 updates include a new Dust Red finish, outer edge shape & inner design machining with crisp new etching! These caps also fit all of Honda's newest generation valve covers including the 2016+ K20C & turbo L-Series engines!   


Fits: Yes, these caps fit all B, C, D, F, H, J, K & L-Series engine valve covers! :-D (All Honda and Acura chassis) 

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